as you know, because you are an avid reader of my blog and well are basically obsessed with me, i spent the holidays in chicago. for your viewing pleasure i will give you 2 posts to cover this event.

today’s talks about everything but the wedding (you will have to wait for the good stuff!)

i was most looking forward to christmas eve! and well i was not disappointed. the food was amazing but i expect nothing less from aunt TT, the drinks were flowing! and the grab bag was chaos.

MW even got me 2 mini grey goose bottles and lime juice. someone took the goose but i indulged in my fair share of gimlets draining the bottle of absolute. (more on mw and gimlets in the wedding post! -tease,tease,tease-)

while my grab bag gift was picked last and did not cause a stir MW’s was the hottest item of the night.  from groupon she got a beer making kit (we suspect she went over the $35 limit but she swears, thanks to groupon, she did not.

the second hottest night of the evening was a vodka cocktail set (set of stemless martini glasses, bottle of goose, holidays on ice by David Sedaris .  i had this for a while and traded back and forth with kw but the bride to be ended up with it.

I went home with AJH’s gift, baileys, alcoholic whip cream, 1/2 lb of Christmas blend and a coffee mug.  we spent the alcoholic whip cream that night on our white russians and whip-its.  a classy group we are!

For my little cousin’s mjfh birthday we all went skating at millennium park and to lunch at Ed Debevic’s.

since i am unable to ice skate i took pictures
and made a sweet video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

personally i think the video is GREAT!

hope you had as great of a break as i did.


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  1. Karen W.

    That video is indeed great! AJH is a natural; who knew?!

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