hi!  i am back.  while i was unable to fully unplug (do they have rehab for people addicted to twitter?) i did leave my little blog for a while.  well lets face it.  i was way to drunk/hungover/in food commas to blog for the past week.


can you believe its here.  everyday i wake up so happy because i know this year is going to be the best year ever! (well for what its worth it has to kick 2009 and 2010 ass!)

not only did i bring it the new year at a wedding but i woke up to the best news ever!  my dear friend AMC is going to get married!  thats right JC (not jesus) proposed!  i am so excited and basically feel as though this maybe the closest i ever get to having my own wedding!

john is probably my second oldest college friends after hep.  we met second semester (he was in australia my first semester).  i had a major crush on him and tried really hard to be his girl friend but he only had eyes for AMC!  there is not a better girl to lose him to (i say this like i had him i did not).

but that’s all about that for now.

so many big things are happening this year.

i am already head over heals with 2011!


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