well for all of you who follow me on twitter you know that i made it to Chicago fine and survived the holiday.  i got glutenated/food poising on either christmas eve or christmas day and am finally feeling better today.  i was like close to death for the past two days.

on sunday we (the fam) and i went down to marshall fields (AKA NOW MACYS) and ate in the walnut room.  this is my favorite holiday tradition ever.  this year it was marred not only by my being gluten free but also by the HORRIBLE waitress we had.  she first told me there was not a gluten free menu (i had called ahead to make sure there was), she barely spoke english, she did not know the menu and she was RUDE.

when i finally got a menu i saw that the chicken sausage was gluten free.  this came with cabbage and smashed potatoes.  sounded good to me, i was craving me some smashed potatoes.  when it came out it was just sausage and some cabbage.  when i inquired about the mashed potatoes (the whole reason i ordered the dish) she told me i was allergic to them.  This was odd because i am not sure what you would add to smashed potatoes with sour cream and chives to make them have gluten.  to make matters worse she did not ask if i would like to sub steamed vegetable or a salad for my missing side.   I was about to ask if i could get some steamed vegetables when our waitress went missing again.  not to be seen again until she had the bill.

after dinner we went out to see the windows and do a bit of shopping.  i was lucky enough to find a pair of the gold snake skin tory burch revas at nordstroms rack!  size 11!!  done and done.

i would chalk the day up a success.  (i also got to walk around all day with out the crutches!  i was so sore the next day.

i will post a picture of my shoes after i wear them (it is still too snowy here to wear flats!).

i have also chosen the look i want to go for for julie’s wedding: i will just be soooo beautiful.  but no more pretty than the bride!


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