are you obsessed with pantone?


i really only like the color blue.  it is my favorite.  i also sorta like the color yellow and we can toss a bit of pink in but for me it has been and might forever be BLUE.

navy blue, light blue, sky blue, turquoise, robins egg, blueberry, blackberry,

you name it.  i love it.

but never ever ever did i imagine how many shades of my favorite color there truly is.  in come pantone.  if you love color, and i am sure you do!, do not click on that link unless you have free time… LOTS OF FREE TIME!

here are the colors for this coming spring:i am DIEING over regatta!  i mean seriously i am dead (oh i miss rachel zoe).

alright.  i have much to do and very little time.  going back to db today. (doctor for my hip).  it still hurts.  little to no change in past two weeks.  and the cold is making it worse.  and i am getting fatter by the second.  good thing yoga pants always fit.

oh and i need to pack for 10 days, three formal events, and the frigged

temps of chi town.  (no fear lots of blue involved.. and SPARKLE FLATS!)


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