i have been blessed.  i am somewhat of a wiz in the kitchen.  not to toot my own horn by any means but i was giving the baking genes in the family.  from the time i was little i liked to cook and bake.  i can remember leaning how to make grill cheese and pancakes as a child and the joy i felt the first time i ever did it alone.

i can also remember the few failures i have had in the kitchen.  now i am not talking setting the stove on fire (done twice) or burning the handle of a pot, spatula or tray of cookies (countless times) i am talking about throwing out a whole recipe because it was REALLY JUST THAT BAD.  i can only remember doing this twice although for the sake of my memory we will say if happened maybe half a dozen times.

the first time was when i made baking powder biscuits out of my samanatha american girl cook book.  i mistook the teaspoon for the tablespoon and baking soda for baking powder.  i will never forget lisa trying to choke one down.  we through the whole thing out and she explained to me the differences.

the second time was recently when i made a box tiramisu.  why i ever thought this was a good idea will never be clear but lets just say it was HORRIBLE.  ill stick to the home made from now on!

well this was until i became gluten free and started baking…

let me first state that i hold impossibly high standards for myself in the kitchen and will not settle for ok.  this applies to gluten free cooking.  if it does not taste as good or better than the original it is a failure.

cue christmas cookies.

my first batch was doomed from the start.  i just assumed flour is flour what is it made out of does not make a difference… WRONG!  i just subbed in millet flour.  on the label it said good for baking.  well it was the worst taking cookies of my life.  i mean BAD. vomit in your mouth bad.  take a shot of vodka and still not cover the after taste BAD.

this whole batch was tossed.  good news? after learning that you must combine flours i have remade them and they are delightful!

second failure: kolackys

i got this recipe from brittany’s love blog real sustenance. (she also has a recipe for english muffins that i am dieing to make).  brittany’s recipe was gluten free and vegan.  i am not a vegan and well am sorta INLOVE with dairy so i just subbed in my non-vegan products and ran with it.  FAIL.

no this was not the type of fail that causes me to toss a whole batch.  this was the kind that lights the stove on fire.  in her recipe brittany said the dough would be sticking.  well mine was STICKY.

oh why am i talking abut brittnay like we are besties?? BECAUSE we are friends, we e-mailed and tweeted back and forth over my need to perfect my kloackys.

i digress…

i knew there was a problem when i placed my kloackys on a silpat.  genius idea right?  WRONG.  due to the moisture in my cookies they decided to slip off the silpat and fall onto the oven floor.  this caused the oven to smoke, the alarm to go off and poor dusty to exile himself to the snow until i had the issue under control.  out of my frustration with myself for not having perfect kloackys i tweeted Brittany (@realsustenance).  she followed up with the sweetest tweets offering to help me.  i sent her an e-mail detailing my probs and what ingredients i used.  she suggested that i go for it and use full fat cream cheese and ONLY an egg yolk and then went even further and made them again herself to make sure the measurements were correct!

i rolled out the rest of the dough from the original batch between two pieces of plastic b.c even the parchment was causing an issue…

i just whipped up a new batch of dough this  morning and it is in freezer chilling.  the consistency was completely different with this batch.  the funny thing about gluten free cooking is  you have to trust the recipe as most of the time the dough/batter is not what you would have using a wheat flour.  this was another mistake i made with the first batch.  i added sweet rice flour until the dough was what i wanted… result: disaster.

this time they were much better.  i was a bit wary of adding sweet rice flour to the dough but finally found my rythm and the result?  GLORIOUS!

so thank you brittany!  i could not have done it without you!


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  1. You say it SO well. Its all about letting go of what you know about baking.. and trusting the recipe 🙂 And Gosh- if you have never used Egg replacer how would you know the dairy free milk was part of the the replacement for the egg 🙂 Its like learning a foreign language.

    The best part about gluten free baking- is that when you finally get it right. Its is the best feeling of accomplishment EVER. I live for that high.

    I foresee a long lasting friendship forming 🙂 I LOVE your dedication! xo

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