oh what a weekend i have had.  if you remember i finished the semester from hell on thursdays.  i got another 4.0 in case you were wondering.  oh and i also got two additional A’s in the classes i was taking at the local community college.  One would think that would be a happy ending to this semester.  WRONG.  i got a lovely little e-mail from the incompetent people in the college of education telling me that they were unable to place me in my student teaching assignment because i had not met all the requirements.  after inquiring about what requirement i had not met the lovely individual informed me that i cannot placed to student teaching in a social students classroom becuase i had not taking the social studies praxis.  WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

A. i do not want to be in a social studies classroom
B. i aced the math praxis and do not plan on taking the social studies one
C. the forms i filled out and turned in IN SEPTEMBER CLEARLY STATE i should be in a math classroom and HAVE met all the requirments and were singed by my advisor.  so why on the last day of the semester i was informed that i would not be able to student teaching is really beyond me.


so after a very stressful few hours of going back and forth via e-mail becuase the gate keeper in the advising office won’t ever let you talk to anyone i finally got the placement lady to say “i will try and find you a math placement for the spring”


you have had my forms since September, you made the mistake and read them wrong and did not do your job and you are going to TRY and find me a placement?!?!?

needless to say i am a little upset over this.  i think that if they do not find me a placement i am going to just go over to the school i sub at and ask if i can do it there.  and then have the school deal with it.


in other news i have a great post coming and by fight in the kitchen with a klocky recipe and dinner with the tennis ladies!


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