today here at happy headquarters we had a snow day.  i took my exam and by the time i came out at 11 there was an inch of snow covering the earth!  i went on to do my errends but after doing two i decided that people in VA do NOT know how to drive and started making my way home.  my drive was 6 miles and took an hour.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i just love this song from the starbucks commercials and have been singing it all day!

when i got home K$ and i started making cookies.  about 6 dozen later, and lisa and thug coming home because of the SNOW, i finally got a second to blog.  my CS5 did arrive but i have not even had a chance to open it!

all of the cookies are full of gluten and i am waiting for the kitchen aid bowl and paddle to get finished in the dishwasher to make kolackys.  while this recipe is both gluten free and vegan i will only be making them gluten free.  kolachys are one of my favorite types of cookie and i cannot wait to try Brittany’s recipe.


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