i did another bad thing.  but this one is going to turn out alright… i hope.

i bought Adobe CS 5 (the premium version).  about 5 days ago i had to restart my computer and that meant my grand idea of just keeping illustrator open so that i can use it for forever was foiled.  now do not get me wrong i was not against purchasing it… i just do not have the money.  thankfully i am a student still and am able to get the student pricing but still that is alot of money for someone who makes nothing.

but i did it.  i used that secret emergency credit card and bought it.  it will arrive tomorrow (thank you free amazon prime membership because i am a student).  i am like a child waiting for santa to come.  like a crack head trolling the streets looking for a fix.  i can’t think of anything other then getting back on illustrator AND exploring in design (never used it!).

this new purchase really makes me want to enroll in a class that will teach me how to get the most out of my adobe suite.  i know that at the community college in Charlotte they had classes you could sign up for but i have yet to see anything like that here.  booo hooo.


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