in my favorite fuel song, shimmer, there is a line “all that shimmers in this world is sure to fade away, again”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

well i am soooo sure that this shimmer is not going ANYWHERE.

last week, i blogged about AMC’s colleague making her own glitter flats. i was inspired and over the weekend i did the same!

so here is is my directions to DIY glitter flats.

1. get a pair of plain flats.  i went to target and got these:

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flat they were $12.99

2. get some glitter, liquid stich, a sponge brush and mod podge clear acrylic sealer (i found all of this at walmart, mine does not have a large crafts section (no fabric) so yours should have it.  for the glitter i was unsure about how much this project would take and i wanted to have the color just right so i bought 3 oz containers of gold, silver, red, green and blue.  they were $1.79 a piece.  i then mixed all of the gold and silver with a portion of the green, blue and red.  i emptied them down to the top of the label.  i poured them on the a piece of tin foil that i bent so it would have edges.  i figured this would be the best way to move the glitter around.mixed it looked like this: this was way more glitter then i needed.  i poured the glitter back in to the empty gold and sliver bottles and used the rest for the shoes (after one coat i had left over glitter without going to the bottled portion.

3. i cut a paper bag so that it would lay flat and used that for my work surface.  i started by putting the liquid stich on the shoe and using the sponge brush to move it into a light layer.  i did not take a picture of the glue spread or me spooning the glitter on as i did not want the glue to dry.  i have TOTAL confidence you can figure that part out.

4. when moving the glue around i would swipe it until i got close to where the glitter was then i would use a sponging motion.  this seemed to work very well.  Be sure to sprinkle (i spooned) the glitter over the parts where the glue over lapped the glitter.  i piled the glitter on and then shook it off.

5.  after i glittered the whole shoe i left them sit for 24 hours.  the liquid stitch said to wait 24 hours before laundering so i figured at this point the glitter would be as set at it was going to be.6.  after letting the shoes dry for a full day (it was acutally like 28 hours) i sprayed them with the mod podge clear acrylic sealer.  i followed the directions on back and did the first coat of “bursts” and then did a second “swipe” coat.  i filled the shoes with plastic bags and held them in my hand as i sprayed.  in the end they looked like this:the spray took some of the sparkle out of them but the sparkles do NOT fall off now.  the spray was matte and that may be why, but it was all they had and until i actually used it i was not sure if i was going to or not.  I was torn between sponging the liquid stitch all over the shoes.  I decided against this as it took the dimension of the sparkle away.

and cole b if you still want a pair i have TONS of extra glitter and can make them for you.



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8 responses to “.glitter.

  1. This is amazing! What a great idea for the holidays!

  2. I LOVE these shoes. Seriously the more things sparkle the better. Thanks for finding those things for us to do!!!

  3. ColeB

    I totally want them!!!! Size 6 please! You are amazing!

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  5. MJ

    I love them!! What a great project. So going to need to try this 🙂

  6. Easy! Love it!! Need to revive some of my old clunkers….nice idea 🙂

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