sorry i have been mia…  the fact that i just stopped doing school work mid october caught up with me on sunday.  now that i am done going to class!! (skipping geometry AGAIN to sub tomorrow) i can get back to blogging full time!

not much as really gone on in my life.  actually NOTHING has gone on.  i painted my nails again with essie’s hot coco.  it is a nice brown and i am totally obsessed.

no that is not my hand but my nails are that color.  that counts right?  (pic from http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com)


i got it at ulta along with my other recent obsession murad face wash.  i got a tiny one just before the marathon so i could take it on the plane and since i used up all my kiehls i thought i would get a big one.  it is seriously working and i feel like my face is clearing up. 

it does sting a bit but i like that feeling (yes i am strange).  when it stings i feel like it is working.  i guess we will really know in about a month (usually how long it takes before my skin adapts to a facewash).


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