i had a paper due today and a midterm tomorrow so for right now this is all you get.

a girl in amc’s office made these… this may just be my weekend project.  they look so much like these from kate spade.  i really want to know how she did the bow.  since i am still on the crutches (ie torture devices) i am unsure as to if i am going to be able to rock heals this holiday season.  these would go with my planned outfits AS WELL AS this dress i got at target over the weekendlisa hated the dress and did not want me to get it.  i got it in a medium because that is all they had at the target i was at.  Later i saw it at another in a large and may go exchange it.

back to studying precalc (YUCK) maybe i should have done my homework for the past two months… and then there is that take home in my special ed class, and my geometry final which i have also neglected the past few months… EEK.



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2 responses to “.nothing.new.

  1. ColeB

    Can you make me a pair? these are so cute!!! Scarf is coming your way.

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