i need a new 2011 planner

this is the single most item that i am OCD about.  i cannot function without my planner.

obvi the kate spade one is always good but it only has a month viewamc recently got the jonath anadler planner but it started back in august and i really one want that is december to december… why do they all start in august and end in december???if santa was to get me this i would die for the Kaleidoscope.

lilly also put one out however it only has day by dad and month by month.  i really like the week at a glance feature as it shows you everything at once.  why i love my kate spade planner from 2010.  it only had the moth view so i know everything that is going on but it gets hard to write everything in those little spaces.

the who mi planner is also a top consideration.  AMC got one in college and it was great.  it was made for moms and has a space for all your kids.  i would use that for student teaching/exercising/.a.splash.of.happy. 

i know a lot of my twitter friends have mom agendas.  i am not sure if i would like this. and it started back in august.  UGH WHY??? esp since this one will end in decmeber 2011. hmm that does NOT make any sense.  the draw to the planner is that i can get it personalized.  such a sucker for personalization!

i could get this and get my own little planner thing.


this post is getting me even more stressed about not having a planner esp since i have so much to already write in it


WJK’s wedding
EY’s wedding
cousin’s wedding
NYC marathon
student teaching stuff
list goes on…


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