i did it.

i was in a mood all week and all i wanted to do was bake.  since i am now gluten free (and loving it!) i need to go buy flours and experiment and was just not feeling it.  so i sulked.  finally on Thursday i pulled sh*t together and went on a scavenger hunt.

i first headed to the asia grocery.  i got tons of good stuff and all for $11.  they had sweet rice flour, white rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, etc.  the smell was a bit much at first but i reminded myself that it was worth it.  and it was.  i have a special place in my heart for asian people and this was like my meca!  the help was great, they were so helpful!

i then headed to my second favorite gluten free meca, trader joes.  did you know they have a gluten free list, its available at their stores and on line.  i was so sadded to find they were out of Udi’s gluten free bagels but i got bread and brownie mix.  they have stopped producing their gluten free pancakes as the supplier upped the price.  again i had amazing service and also found a new gluten free obsession: tortilla chips- with an identity crisis.  they are SOOOO good.

he also gave me a tip i cannot wait to try.  when frying a gluten free breading use ginger ale instead of water.  it creates a light fluffy coating!

i then headed to The Fresh Market, a sad replacement for a whole foods and found that they really do not carry any gluten free products.  i left angry.  i was dejected again.  i had come so far in my quest for gluten free flour ingredients but still did not have xanthan gum, sorghum flour or teff flour.  i headed to both the food lion and kroger and was futher dissapointed.  k$ sugested we stop by the farm fresh.  i really do not like this grocery but figured after my now 3 hour search it was worth a try.  BINGO: the bob’s red mill mother load

i was able to get everything i needed.

now our second freezer contains a turkey and all of my gluten free flours!

and i was able to make my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

when making these you have to get the dough to the right consistency.  this is the same issue when making them with non-gluten flour.

here is the cookies without enough flour: so i added more and the dough looked more like this:and gave me perfect cookies looking like this: depending how how you like your cookies you may want to tweak my recipe, i like thick gooey cookies.

special shout out to glutenfreemom whose flour mix for chocolate chip cookies i used in this recipe!

and if you want to make it full of gluten you just need to use regular flour (same amount), no xanthan gum, and 3 cups Quaker instant oats or 2 cups of the non instant rolled oats!

let me know if you make them and how they turn out for you!!!


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