i remember the first time i realized stanta does not bring you everything you ask for.  it was in the 7th or 8th grade.  all i wanted for Christmas was a pager/beeper.  obviously b.c i was heavy into drug dealing and needed to be in contact with my peeps.  BUT SERIOUSLY it was the precursor to the cell phone and cool kids had one.  i remember andrew pace had one and he had just switched to our private school from the public school.  i knew of him since i was friends with a lot of the publics, and had a super big crush on him.  I NEEDED A BEEPER.  even rory on gilmore girls had one.  hers was extra special as it was a two way pager.  i never got a pager and my i distinctly remember telling my father that i wanted one.  he shot me down. fast!

so this year i will create my super big christmas list with all the things that i wish my big jolly friend would place under my nonexistent christmas tree.  (yes again this year lisa vetoed the christmas tree because we are going away for the holidays).  so in no paticular order:

Dear stanti,

its me again, ms. happy!  please put the following items under the christmas tree.  i have been super good this year and even stopped judging people so much!  i have also cut back on my alcohol consumption.  see sooooo good!  so if you could complete my chirstmas list this year i would be soo happy!  i would like:

a 2011 jeep grand cherokee in navy blue.  if you could just put the keys under the tree in a little white box with a red bow that would complete my dream!
an i pad

an hermes bangle
a goldendooled named mister belvedere gimlet.  i would like him to have a giant red bow and be in a large box.  also i would like for him to be a cuddlier.  and a sniffer!
yes this is on my desktop and the name of it is dog i want.  PLEASE SANTA!!!

a husband, santa i know this one is tricky.  but i know you can do anything so lets work on it.  i am not getting any younger and now i am 58 months away from being 30.  we need to get our act together! i know we have to go baby steps so maybe just a boyfriend?

See stanta my wish list is not that long.   it really is very simple and since you have all those elves and i have been SOOO good i know you can do it!


and this year i will even leave you gluten free cookies!!!!  and some extra carrots for your raindeer!

safe travels,

ms. happy




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