i was bad…AGAIN.

recently i have decided that i will forget about the fact that i am poor and just buy things.  mostly this comes from my addiction to using coupons.  if i have a coupon it causes me physical pain to not use it.  thus i recently bought a new cookbook (its not gluten free)Williams-Sonoma Baking. i have wanted this for forever and well hopefully one day i will get the hang out gluten free flour and be able to make everything again.  until then it will torture me and will look pretty on my shelf.  if you do not own any williams-sonoma cookbooks i suggest you invest in this cookbook along with the baking one.

this is my next cookbook obsession (take note santa!)
and santa if you are feeling really generous maybe some of the tools that are suggested inside!

i also bought some stuff from pixie-chicago.  i got it from the etsy shop with the 40% cyber monday discount, they also have a blog.

here is a peek of what i ordered:

NOT TO FEAR, i did not get both sets for me!  one is a gift for a special couple!

(i may be delusional but i am fully aware that there is no one for me to combine my name; however i am actively looking)

i will most deff be posting about these items when they come.  cassandra over at pixie was such a sweetheart and e-mailed me right away to make sure she had the order right!

i also think that i am heading over to starbucks to use my 15% off coupon that is good on via and mugs etc.  today is the last day and i did just sub in KINDERGARTEN for 2 whole days.  i deserve a little treat!  (and now that mr. match has moved away there is no one to make me feel bad about the quanity of coffee mugs i have).

oh that will also be to make me feel better about the HOURS yes HOURS of work i have to do tonight because it is due at midnight.  i am at 754 of 800 problems that i need to complete for my community college pre-calc class.  if misery had a face it would be this class.  but after tonight all i have left is the final and i am done.


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