i am swamped with work.




and I am recovering from my weekend with my family.  so i will be therapy all week (joking, sort of)


after wednesday night i will post some really good blogs.  promise.  maybe even a gluten free cookie recipe that does not make sick and a recap of my amazing gluten free thanksgiving.  no one in my family took me serious that the turkey had to be gluten free and my grandparents insisted that we eat an asian restaurant where the waitress was not sympathetic to my dietary needs and a mexican restaurant were no one spoke english.  needless to say i was sick as a dog friday, saturday and sunday.

i’m back to gluten free but was soooo hungry today, ended up chowing down on left over potato chips and cookies as that was all i had that was 100% gluten free.  i left all my flour at my grandmas so i am going to have to go out and buy more.  i am thinking of getting a bunch of diff types and trying suggested mixtures.  i will deff blog about my trials.


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