happy thanksgiving dear reader.  in the sprit of thanksgiving i will share what i am thankful for five (if you missed this joke see this post).

1. my family
2. my friends
3. my heath and gluten free foods!
4. this blog and all my trusty readers
5.  beleveder vodka gimlets
6. my daddy who is always as saturated with beverage as i am

k$ says he is thankful for:

1. lisa’s new car
2.  my dogs
3. my new bike
4. grandparents
5. my uncles, aunts and cousins
6. and scott (my cousins new husband)
7. junk food such as ho-hos and chocolate chip muffins.
8.  that is all i know!

also i am thankful that k$ is apart of my family and we get to celebrate his 9th aniversary with my family on sunday!

also since i did go to school in ohio, and my little sister ajh did jump in mirror lake, i will give a big O-H

the coupon code will go up after we eat our big turkey dinner!  happy thanksgiving again!


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