i love cook books.  i love the way they look, i love the suprises they have in them and i love love love buying them.  that is until i had to look for a gluten free one.

normally i just go to to my trusty williams sonoma books, or  america’s test kitchen however all these goodies are not availbale in gluten free.

additionally now that i have given up gluten, and have previously given up soy, i really have no plans on giving anything else up.  so no thank you vegan, vegetarian, egg free or dairy free.  i just basically want to know how to mix all these new flours so that i can successfully use them in my own recipes with the least amount of experimentation (because i am a poor graduate student who cannot afford to waste the precious xanthan gum i just bought with the money i got from selling my soul (well it was just subbing but still!).

and i have $10 in borders bucks as well as a 33% off coupon.  I MUST FIND a cookbook…

but because time is waning and well i guess i will eventually find a good gluten free flour i could always get the book i have been wanting for a long time: williams sonoma baking.

i mean i will figure this flour thing out and then i will be able to make the things i have always loved… right?


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  1. Jenni Viertel

    Me and AH thinks you should write your own…we would buy it!!!

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