yesterday i did a bad thing. i did a very bad thing.  i went to j.crew.  in an attempt to save money i have stayed FAR FAR FAR away from their website, catalogs and store.  having done a lot of subbing lately and finding out that in january i get to go back on my dads health insurance i decided that i would go blow two months worth of health insurance at j.crew.

but it was not on just anything.  you see, i need outfits for my cousins rehearsal dinner, family thanksgiving/Christmas eve parties and such.  so i picked up the green skirt in the clipping below.  i also got a top similar to the Alexander McQueen one for $9.99.

i have shoes similar to the jimmy choo’s they have a bow at the toe from j.crew last year.  i have been searching for the perect pair of swiss dot tights and unfortunately these from modcloth are sold out.  my search will have to continue.


i also ordered this turtleneck:

and the gray skirt below:

i own the other options and think this will be the perfect start to my student teaching.

i also think i might be EXTRA naughty and buy this skirt:


i mean i must have it and cannot really live without it right?


its just screaming christmas eve party.


the worst part of this little shopping spree is that i only got 4 items and should not feel guilty at all.  because they are totally expand my wardrobe by like 200%.   i also really want like so many more things and plus i have to get dress up (read not leggins or sweats or jeans) EVERY day next semester to student teach!  (have i convinced you… i still feel guilty)


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