.life: sunspired.

my very best irl friend has just launched her own blog.  she was the other half of the post college project and has been blogging over at room it up for years.

she gave me the HONOR of designing her header, icon and background!  this also motivated me to finally finish the make over here (minus icon which should be up before noon!)

amc was a great first client for my new venture of creating custom blog headers, backgrounds and icons.  She had a very clear vision of what she wanted and after a few tries we got there and came up with this:

with this icon

when you go to her site you will see it up next to the title and next to the url!

she sent me to Luxe +lillies which was the inspiration for her background and one of the runner up headers.  i just loved her use of trefoils (obsessed and not just because they are my favorite girl scout cookie!)

i have now listed this service on etsy and would love to also work with you via e-mail: asplashofhappy[at]gmail[dot]com.


have you signed up for my give away yet.  remember it closes at 7pm EST on monday!


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