so yesterday after watching Dr. OZ and doing a bit of internet research i have decided to seriously cut gluten out of my diet for 2 weeks. today is the first day.

i seriously believe that i have a gluten intolerance and while no doctors believe so i have decided to take matters into my own hands.

i mean what does 4 years of medical school really tell someone that web m.d. and the internet can’t?

so of you may remember i tried to give up gluten a while back but failed miserably.  now after another stress fracture, intense bloating and bowel issues and no answers from any doctors i have decided to give it up for good a two week trial period.  yes THANKSGIVING INCLUDED.  so instead of eating my normal plate of 1 slice of turkey, lost of stuffing, potatoes, green beans, cranberries AND ROLLS, i will be having turkey, potatoes (NO GRAVY NO STUFFING) and green beans.

WAHOO.  oh and desert… hm no cookies or cakes for me. lisa said we can get gluten free flour and try and make me a special desert!  maybe i will use some to make my own gravy!  perhaps this non-gluten stuff wont be so bad?

i will be chronicling  in the new .gluten.free. tab

also this weekend i will be cooking with gluten free flour and will be sure do share how it goes.


make sure you enter the give away!!!



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  1. deb

    hey… email me… i might have some help for you… we can correspond about
    bowel issues… mine have almost straightened themselves out…
    t/c deb

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