i have recently developed with a love affair with yogi detox tea.  upon going to their site today to write this post i realized that they have a SKIN detox.  as a constant battler of acne i will try anything to get clear skin.

anyway i am a very plain jane when it comes to thinks that i put in my mouth.  green tea with agave nectar or honey, black tea with agave nectar or honey, coffee with caramel creamer.  recently i have begun branching out with my tea selection and last week when i was feeling ill i picked up the yogi detox tea.  i really like the taste of it, although this could be because i have convinced myself it is going to change my life.  truthfully though the taste is great and i don’t even have to add honey or agave to it!

the tea is a combination of the following herbs:

Indian Sarsaparilla Root
Cinnamon Bark
Ginger Root
Licorice Root
Burdock Root
Dandelion Root
Cardamom Seed
Clove Bud
Black Pepper
Long Pepper Berry
Chinese Amur Cork Tree Bark
Japanese Honeysuckle Flower
Forsythia Fruit
Gardenia Flower
Skullcap Leaf
Chinese Goldenthread Root
Rhubarb Root
Wax Gourd
Juniper Berry Extract

and apparently Skullcap can make some people feel very sleepy.  i have only had the tea at night, i still go to a caffeinated green tea during the day.

as for the detox benefits, i do not know if i am having any other then an acne outbreak.  but then again i am very hesitant about attributing that to the tea.  some people on the website said it helped their bowls and made them feel less bloated.  i cannot say that has been the case with me.  but then again i have serious issues in that area.

i also really like that each tea bag has a little quote on the tag.  today mine read: ‘for every loss there’s an equal gain, for every gain there’s and equal loss’

this really got me thinking.  is this true?  i recently had a huge loss with mr. match moving away what have i gained from this?  i am still thinking about what i have gained but maybe it is one of those things i will see looking back.  hindsight is always 20-20.  maybe my gain is right around the corner.

i feel like this is a principle i should be applying to my everyday life.  i was stopped at a stoplight when i first read this and i began to go back through a lot of the things i have been through over the past year mentally checking off the losses and gains i have had.  for some reason it seems as there have been a lot more losses than gains but maybe this foreshadowing the future.  maybe a really awesome year is coming, one that will help me to forget all the losses of the past years and move on.

i guess we will see.


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