for anyone who knows me personally they know i love to read.  not as much as i love trashy tv but reading is close behind.  right now i have 5 books i received for my birthday and right before that i have not finished (two are started, i know i know one at a time!) but with school and life getting in the way i have yet to complete any of them.

on my bed side table:

(image from borders.com)

(image from borders.com)

(image from borders.com)

(image from boarders.com)

(image from borders.com)

i am currently heavily involved with Hotel New Hampshire.  Mr. Match gave it to me for my birthday and he said my family reminded him of the family in the book.  At first i did not know to take it but after seeing so many of the striking similarities i might just take it as a complement!  i was involved with Devil in the White City but then thug took it to read on the flight to the marathon and i have not touched it since.

I have been turning to True Prep whenever i need a chuckle or a little preppy inspiration and cannot wait to get into The Art of Racing in the Rain.  AMC gave me both of these for my birthday and just LOVED The ART.

I have also decided that since i read oh so much and HAVE to buy my books (its an issue but hey its one of my only pleasures) i have made these little stickers to go in them so that others know they are mine when i lend them out!  they will be for sale in my etsy shop soon!

do you just love them?


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