i cannot believe it is already the middle of november!  time has been flying but it seems like i have so much time left until i can move out and have my own life.  i have now been at home for 15 months and still have at least 6 maybe 18 months left.

not to complain but this also means 6 maybe 18 months left with no real friends and only my parents to hang out with.  well that is once cwd and her husband move up to nova. hmph, at least i have some awesome vacations to look forward to and my other friend amy, but she has kids and a life.

so in true count down spirit i will start it now!

Thanksgiving in SC with AJH: 9 days

Christmas/New Years in CHICAGO: 40 days

JJH and NL’s wedding!!!: 47 days

AMC in NYC: 75 days!!!

i would also count down to spring break but that is over 100 days away and well that would just be depressing.

i am hoping that time continues to fly in between these events and moves SO SLOW during them!

tomorrow i will post the give away!  in the mean time check out my etsy shop, can you guess what i will be giving away???


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