a few years ago ajh invented a game squirrel vs. little girl.  she was the squirrel and i was the little girl (because even though i am older i am smaller and constantly mistaken for the younger sister)

(action shot of squirrel vs. little girl)

this has not only become a ongoing joke in our family and social circle but it has become some what of an obsession.  i have always been amazed by squirrels and after spending 4 years at miami i have a great respect for them.  have you ever seen one do a belly crawl along a power line.  i mean it is so funny.  i also like the way that the taunt dogs.  its like they know they are faster.

today while checking out my competition on etsy i came upon how to make my OWN squirrel softy.  (it says chipmunk but i mean come-on that is CLEARLY a squirrel)

since i have been so crafty lately i might just attempt this!


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