its now wednesday.  i have 4 major projectes due before 4 pm.  i still feel awful and all i want to do is cuddle on the couch and watch the sound of music. (DID YOU SEE THEM ON TODAY??)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

my obsession with this movie is out of control.  i have so many good memories of the movie and cannot wait to make so many more!  (AJH this might mean me and you cuddling at g-mas and watching it over thanksgiving! booze will be involved!)

i have also spend hours working on my new side project: .a.splash.of.happy. further hindering me from doing my school work.

right now i just have my lovely coffee sleeves/cozys.  but i am hoping to get some flat cards and folded note cards up too!  i just need to find the right printer so they come out as cute as i envision!

here is a sneak peak of what i have been working on: abby.notecards

do you love??  i do!

any suggestion on printers would be soooo HELPFUL.  as for now i will keep doing my online research.



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2 responses to “.life.is.rough.

  1. Claire

    Can i come with you and Abby on thanksgiving and cuddle on the couch and watch sound of music with the Hughes family??? please oh please?

  2. oh why yes you can. it will be just like when you and i cuddled on the couch over her birthday weekend!

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