in case you missed it OPRAH did a whole show on the sound of music on thursday.  i was unaware until i was searing through the drv this morning and SH*T my pj pants this morning when i saw it.

this movie has defined my life.  in college i encountered Will and Grace episode 174.  yes the sound of music sing along.  i believe AMC and i watched it 20 times with her house mates.  I have tried countless times to get mr. match to watch it but he claims he does not watch musicals.  one day i will break him.

i would love to post some video on the blog but i cannot find it.  here is the article on oprah.com and here is a link to a bit of video.

while in europe i went on the sound of music tour.  best moments of my life? perhaps.  I was with my irl (in real life) bff JM from urban explorer.  we sang the songs, went to the gazebo, saw the church, it was bliss. WE EVEN SAW THE NUNS!!!  we also go to sledding down a mountain/hill.  i really love austria (salzburg is where the tour is) and recommend going on this tour and when little ajh and i got to Europe this summer we are going on it!!!!

here are some pictures from my trip:

the bus

are you freaking out yet??
the house… and the lake where they fell in!
the abbey!

the chruch!

horse fountain
the hills that are ALIVE

on the luge

if you are not singing the songs by now you really need to evaluate your life (mr. match this means you!!!)  apparently he hates musicals and will not watch it.  LAME.



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