so i am poor.  not like i am a homeless bag lady selling my womanhood on the street poor but about 1 week away from that. i am also a hoarder.  you know like on the show hoarders (see clip below).  the women who wake up one day and cannot believe they have 100 cats living in their house and 50 of them are dead.  thankfully we do not have cats as i think they are GROSE and my two dogs are neutered so i know they will not reproduce. in attempt to curb the enviable outcomes of my current path i decided to clean up my act yesterday.

i organized a workspace in my parents home (aka the rented house that has amazing wood paneling in my room and the room my new desk is in).  oh my new desk.  well since i am so poor it is a card table.  you know like the type you see kids selling lemonade on.  CLASSY.  but no fear i have tape a picture of the desk i would really like behind it.  (there will be no picture),

i also threw out 2 garbage bags of cr*p.  you know, birthday cards from the past 10 years, homework assignments from high school.  receipts from who knows what.  why do i keep all these things?  like most things in my life i blame LISA.  yes, i come from a family of hoarders.  (this is a slight exaggeration, as we have not lost the tv, or a dog)  but seriously we are hoarders.  why would i want to throw out that top that no longer fits, it was $80 and might come back in fashion in 30 years and then i will be SOOO upset i gave it to good will.  and oh that dress that i used to love with the stain… well maybe in 10 years they will come out with a technology to get the satin out… RIGHT?

WRONG.  this type of thinking needs to stop now!  i had a major wake up call watching Hoarders on A&E

Vodpod videos no longer available.

today, after doctor and observing for school (yes there will be a W.D.T.W.T.?) is going through my clothes!  look out good will shoppers of south eastern Virginia your options are about to get a WHOLE lot better!

plus i can think of it as totally helping all the people of my city dress a bit classier as their current attire makes me think that i am the only person who knows we are living ON THE EAST COAST!


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