since my life used to be consumed with running, talking about running, and thinking about running and i am NOW off my feet (for at least another month) i have been devoting my energy to creating projects to sell on etsy.  (and mentally prepping myself to get back in the pool and swim)

since i am a lover of all things personalized, monogrammed, and preppy i have decided to make my own note cards, labels, paper goods, AND reusable hot drink selves, and possibly other small goods.

so here is my question would you buy these things?


so far i have one graphic:

do you like it?


i am going to work on a few more and hopefully AMC is able to get her hands on a reva flat image so i can add that to the mix.

any comments on what you would like to see are MUCH appreciated.  there will be a give-a-way once i get to production!

also if anyone has advice on printing i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear it so send me an e-mail asplashofhappy(a)gmail[dot]com


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One response to “.would.you?.

  1. ColeB

    Love it! I am sending a scarf your way too! xoxo

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