so i survived my first weekend on crutches and also survived my first few days as a 25 year old.

i have to say nothing has really changed.  but i now have a very nice pair of diamond earrings.

sunday, i got my bake on.  lisa and i made coffee cake out of americas test kitchen and then i made Tiramisu, i got the recipe off a fellow miamian’s blog amuse bouche.

the tiramisu was best monday night but was very good sunday night.  i think it just needed to sit longer.  we had a hard time finding marscopne cheese and lady fingers.  next time i will be making my own lady figures (thanks julia child!).  this recipe also did not produce as much cheese filling as i wanted.  i will again blame this on the crapy lady fingers i had to use.

i have no picture of the coffee cake as lisa was in charge and i was on crutches so i just read the directions.  i will make it again and review it.  i loved it and it was just like the cinnamon coffee cake at starbucks!  in love!!!  k$ ate all of the left overs so i can not even show you a picture of those.  maybe i should just not have mentioned the coffee cake at all.  sorry.

in other news my life is again in shambles and i might need to go back into my school hole and resurface in a few days… i will blame it on the stress fractured hip and the fact that i will move mountains to be able to sub because i need MONEY so bad.

this weekend mr. match and i are going to a halloween party with the lady i baby sit for.  (haha sorry b. but your original name sticks!)  we are going to be old people on our way to bingo.  so grandpa and crutches fit in just fine.  (grandpa is mr. match’s nick name).

additional news:

my good friend hp called from med school.  she was concerned about my poop issues and wanted to wish me a happy birthday.  no i am not being funny she TOLD me she follows them via the blog!  this made my day!  i am so glad someone else besides me cares about my movements!  she also wants/needs to be set up with hot chief resident.


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  1. diamon earrings would be the best thing that you could give a girl, they love it;`,

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