so i just got back from DB.  he is the sports med doctor lisa works for and i saw him when i hurt my foot after the half marathon.  i finally gave in and admitted i am hurt.

after hobbling to starbucks to pick up a treat for DB, lisa and the other nurse i headed to my appointment.  i kept a happy face and tried to pretend like i was just there to make sure everything was ok.  joking that i needed to get out to make it to my tennis game.  but seriously i have had a game at 4pm.

during the oral portion of the exam i admitted to taking excessive amounts of advil including 1600 mgs before the marathon, being hurt for 13 days and not being able to sleep though the night since the marathon because the pain in my hip has been so bad i began to finally realize that yes indeed i am hurt.  DB just silently shook his head and told me of the dangers of taking advil before exercising because you cannot feel pain (UM HELLO THATS WHY I TOOK IT!)

Next he began moving my leg all different ways.  i again tried to lie about the pain i was feeling but i think it was all over my face.  he just simply gave me a sympathetic look as he nodded when i grimaced and said no that does not hurt.  next it was off to the x-ray. nurse lisa tried to get me into a wheel chair but i refused and hobbled over still convinced that my charade was fooling everyone.  after the x-ray nurse lisa pulled it up and played a little joke on me.  she simply gasped and said oh yes.  as if there was something on there.  i immediately freaked out to which she said on i don’t see anything.

Next up DB brought in a very cute resident and first we chatted about how its my birthday tomorrow and where i am going to dinner then he asked if i think i am walking normally.  totally delusional i replied yes.  DB had everyone in the office come watch me to confirm what we all knew that i was indeed hobbling and was just deranged. after walking hobbling back and forth 3 times i asked if he was just effing with me.  he replied no but looked confused.  i walked hobbled a few more times before we went back to the room and DB went over the x-ray with me.  then he delivered the blows.  1.  i mostly likely have a stress fracture.  2. i cannot do any exercise except for pulling in the swimming pool until next friday. 3. no tennis, not today, not tomorrow, not sunday. 4. i have to use crutches.

i am still very proud of myself for simply nodding and taking everything as it came.  i got fitted for the crutches and hobbled out the car with my mom.  it was not until i was alone that i started crying.

i do not know if it was that i was for the first time feeling how bad my hip has been hurting, knowing that i caused this, knowing that all the times i put off workouts caused this injury or the fact that i will start my 25th year off on crutches hobbling about.  but i sobbed.  i am still crying to be utterly truthful.

to say i am pissed would be an understatement.  after realizing that no one is to blame but me i asked if my stomach issues could have caused this.  again with the most sympathetic look he could muster DB simply said no.  i think he knows i am completely delusional.

so i called my tennis captain, the club and mr. match to tell them about my new fate.  luckily no one answered and so i just left messages with my voice quivering.

so as fate would have it another crappy birthday.  at least this one is kicking last years ass even with the hip injury!

perhaps to make myself feel better i will finally purchase this:

leslie over at and her little dog too got it and said i should too!

then again i don’t think i can even shop this mood away…


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3 responses to “.not.happy.

  1. ajh

    OMG i want that! they don’t have 10s in any of the colors and i’m afraid my 6 ft tall body wont fit in the 8 😦 ……. something like that for xmas? hint hint.

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