one of the perks of having a word press blog is seeing how people stumble upon said blog.  i normally dont check this out but i really do not feel like writing another lesson plan and was all prepared to spend the afternoon playing tennis so i checked it out today and saw this:

yes that says someone googled shimmel half shirt and came here to .a.splash.of.happy.


in other news while i was in chicago my little ‘ole blog was the topic of discussion a few times.  this makes me so happy as i really do not care care a lot how many people this sh*t.

so anyway back to the fact that someone was looking for shimmel in a half shirt really cracks me up.  now only if i knew which shimmel they were looking for.  if it was my friend or one of her little (they are acutally big now) brothers.

either way i am glad they thought they could find what there were looking for here!  and if it is a picture of s.shimmel or j.shimmel i may be able to help you out!



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