since my last post was just about 6.5 hours of my week in chicago i thought i would share what i did the rest of the time!

thursday: after arriving late at night my uncle partymarty picked us up at the airport and took us to my aunt tt’s.  this was rather uneventful except for the fact that just like thug all the men in his family drive as if they are the only car on the road.  he thinks it is soooo funny because they are all so much “worse” then him.

friday: after getting a good nights sleep i awoke and visited with my aunt and cousin.  i got to watch some tv and then walked over to the blue line and meet JS for lunch!  we went to feast.  i had the stake tortilla salad and it was amazing.  the aparently have amazing breakfast and i think i might have to go back when i am back in chicago over christmas/new years.  we then went for a walk around her neighborhood and i was aw struck that i lived in chicago for a whole year and had never made it out to bucktown.  we past some amazing shopping and i wished i had money and time to go in to all the stores.  we ended our visit by stopping by lululemon.  after chatting with the sales ladies for a few minutes it came up that i was running my first marathon and that’s why i was back in town.  the sales lady said she had a gift for me and i assumed it would be a 40% off coupon.  it was a FREE SHIRT!  its not on the website but it is so cute!  i also tried on the run reflection skirt that i thought would be perfect for tennis but it was a bit to small and i knew i was not going to buy it, i came in for some workout undies.  picked those up and my free shirt and i was off to meet thug and abby at nike town.

at this point i was cursing myself for wearing my tory burch flats and had massive blisters on my feet.  i looked for some sandles at niketown but there were none so we hoped on the bus and headed out to the expo!  the expo was great and we met up with my cousin mw and her friend m.  (m is one one the main reasons i decided to go back to school.  we ran a 10 mile race and after mw introduced us and i talked her her about how she is a teacher and her thoughts!)

as you can see in the picture i am barefooted.  i took off my shooes and walked the expo barefoot.  i attempted to get shooes at target but that was also a flop.  next we headed to dinner at mart anthony.  it was very good but i was tired and ready to go to bed.

saturday: i had coffee in the am with shimmel and then headed back to the expo to get my hip flexor taped up.  it was really botheing me at his point and in the back of my head i was sure i would not be able to run.  this basically took all day as i drove up to the north side to see shimmel and then back down to the city to the expo then back out to the western suburbs to see my god mother and her family and my best little nugget friend cbh.  she is now 3 and i LOVE her.  i picture her to be what chelsea handler must have been like at 3.  amazing.  saturday night we had a carb fest and almost all my extened family came to wish the 7 of us running good luck.  i was wonderful and was great to see how many people supported me on this challenge.  it was also nice to get so much good food.  my aunt tt made grandmas spaghetti sauce which is always such a treat!

sunday: was the marathon.  after we went back to mws apartment and had a little post race celebration!  she was the best host and had champagne and beer and even a bit of vodka for me!!!

it was so nice to visit with everyone and thank them for coming out to support us!

monday: was a big challenge.  my right leg was so sore that i had to crawl up and down the stairs until i put the kt tape back on.  i also had to cancle my apres work drink with JM (who by the way has a new blog: urban explorer, a must read for anyone traveling to or living in the windy city!) and my lunch with KL.  instead put my feet up at my god mothers house, iced my hip and watched clifford with CBH.  that night my family came together to celebrate zaz and i’s birthdays.  his is today and mine is on SATURDAY!  it was a perfect ending to a great weekend!


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