i did it!  i am a marathoner!

the race did not turn out they way i had hoped/envisioned but i finished and accomplished a goal!  as many of you know from reading about my final training run i hurt my hip flexor.  i was doing alright until i walked all over chicago in my tory burch flats and some how further aggravated it.  on saturday i went back to the expo and got some kt tape and taped my hip up in the hopes of being able to make it though the marathon.  i was actually prepared to DNF and just go as far as i could on sunday.  i was devastated and just could not resign to the fact that after all this work i was not going to finish.

on sunday morning my hip was very tight but i hoped that once i started running it would loosen up and i would be fine!  as we waited at the starting line i was determined to finish.  i cannot describe how it felt to stand among so many other people about to set out on such a enormous task.  all 45,000 people there had a story.  one story that really touched me was the story of EJ Scott.  He is in iO with my cousin and suffers from choroideremia and will eventually be completely blind.  he ran blind folded.

thug and i were very close to him at the start and thug actually ran in the same pace group as him for most of the marathon.  if there was every anyone who had a reason to not run it was EJ and his story is truly inspirational.

before i go in to my marathon ordeal i have to say that there is nothing in my life that compares to what i expirenced on sunday.  not only was running for 26.2 miles physically exhausting but the day with emotionally exhausting.  runners are a unique group of people, it may come from the shared knowledge that a running is just as challenging for the road warrior and 5 time boston qualifier as it is for the the individual running for a charity that has personally affected their life and started running just to be able to finish the marathon and raise money for their cause.  finishing is an accomplishment but one such a hot day, attempting made each person who showed up at the starting line a winner.

so back to my race…

my hip hurt.  i am not doing to deny it.  but my ego would have hurt much more if i did not finish.  thug and i ran about the first half mile together but i knew i was going way slower then our practiced pace and i told him to go ahead.  it was about 5 minutes later that my second issue of the marathon started.  i needed a port a potty and i needed one fast!  thankfully there was an aid station come up so i moved over to the right side of the course (i like running on the left for some reason) and stopped.  it was my first of roughly 14 potty breaks and basically confirmed all the fears i had develop the week before on my trail run.

so i spent alot of time doing this:

and this:

and alot more time then i wanted to doing this:

but i did it!

i would like to thank my father, thug, first and foremost for being my running partner and total inspiration.  secondly i would like to thank little AJH.  when i finally saw her and SG for the first time i really thought that i was not going to be able to go any father.  she ran with me (i think she actually walked) and gave me words of encouragement.  and a drink of ice cold water!  my Godmother, and my two aunts!  when i saw them at mile 25 it was everything i needed to make it to the end! shimmel whom i could not stop and say hi to put loved seeing up in lake view.  my god father and his family who meet me out in china town!  it was so great to see them and they came all the way in from the far ‘burbs!  and lastly my fellow runners, mo, julie, megan, lindsay and dan.  without you being so supportive of me doing my first marathon i do think i would have had the courage to attempt!

oh and one more.  thank you city of chicago.  i will always love you you are so pretty in all seasons and i cannot wait to hang out in the winter time!

also i am not ashamed of my time i worked out for 6 hours 15 minutes.  and as one of my favorite signs of the day said i did not poop my pants! another favorite was at mile 24 and it simply read “wow you are really good at exercising”


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