ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT UNTIL THE MARATHON.  one week from now i will be almost finish with the marathon and loving life.

one week from from now i will be on my way to completing one of my life time goals.  i will also be doing it 6 days before i turn 25.

the only thing that will be missing from the day will be my mom seeing me finish, she is staying home to watch k$.

what am i going to do after completing my goal?

CELEBRATE and get a  vodka martini straight up and dirty with extra olives (blue cheese if you have them!) with little ajh who can now drink in EVERY bar in chi town!

for all of you who are in chi town and watch to cheer me on here is a Map.  i will be running with the nike pace team for a 5 hour finish.

I believe i will finally get to cross the starting line about 7:40 and will be running roughly 12 minute miles from there!    i will update on my outfit closer to  the date!


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