lately i have been having some mad crazy dreams and they all end with lisa and i having mad screaming matches.  perhaps i am still recovering from spending every moment with her for 4.5 days.

it all started with a dream about the tennis round robbin i was invited to participate in with her tennis team.  they are all MUCH better than I but so nice about letting me play with them. In my dream lisa was serving to me on the ad side, her first hit the net and her second serve bounced wide.  i did not swing at it and she ended up double faulting.  she started to say that she got the point because i called the ball out and did not swing (this is not a rule) and i became very upset.  we started screaming at each other and i ended up slamming my racket into the court until it broke, then i left the court in a huff.  <dream ends>

there are multiple things wrong with this deam and perhaps it is a sign i should go back to phoebe but the scariest part was the frist time the schedule was drawn up for the round robbin lisa and i were going to play each other.  THANKFULLY another lady showed up and that switched the schedule and we never played each other.

last night i had another dream were lisa and i verbally barade eachother.  she accompanied me to my doctor apointment today.  the doctor basically told me that my thryoid was fine and not only would she not increase my dosage but she would not write me another RX.  this upset me and i started crying that something was wrong it is not normal to just gain 20 lbs in 2 moths espically when training for a marathon.  the doctor told me it was becuase i ate to much and lisa nodded in agreement and told me that i need to be more healthy.  i then started to list out how i only eat yogurt and oatmeal and salad and whatever lisa makes for dinner or i eat brown rice.  lisa then screams liar and said but you ate a pint of ben and jerrys oat meal cookie (BEST ICE CREAM EVER) and i said yes after i ran 20 miles.

The doctor then told me that our appointment was over and that there is nothing wrong with me other then i am lazy and have poor diet.  i started sobbing and lisa said she agreed.  then she hugged the doctor and the doctor gave her a RX for a higher dosage for her thyroid medicine and said that it would help her lose some weight.  lisa said thanks and forced me to leave. <dream ends>

OBVIOUSLY there is something wrong with me and these dreams show that i have some hidden issues against lisa.  the worst part is i wake up and feel animosity towards my mother.

well its going to rain all day here so i’m off to the dr with leggings and hunters.  then doing HOURS of school work since i have not done it, since i fail my CLEP.  BOOO


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