today (wednesday) has been one of those

awful-horrible-no-good-very-bad-days.  better known as an alexander day.

lisa and i finally came home from south carolina yesterday and i spent the night feverishly doing school work (since we were only going to be gone till sunday i left most of my books at home).

this morning we got word that grandpa’s level had increased enough that he could have surgery.  while no time was set and as of 4pm no time has been set, this is great news and we are very excited!

hearing this news got me up and out of bed this morning only to look at my clendar and see that my CLEP was at 10 and not 12 and therefore i had two hours less to cram.  i ended up not passing the test, needed a 64 for my college (most only need a 50~) and i got a 52.  this reduced me to tears and i have been a bit unstable ever since.

my night class was cancled so i decided to start on a top secret project for my cousin jh who is getting married on new years eve! and to cook.

i made Apfel Kunchen.  i first had this at my house family’s house in luxembourg and fell in love with apple cake.  i hope mine only turns out half as good as i remember it being!  i had a weee bit of trouble because i did not use hardy enough apples (we had a huge bag of gala that were going bad).

enjoy these pictures!  (this post is late b.c i waited to upload the pictures

apples in dough

sprinkled with brown sugar before baking



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