a large and heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement over the past week.  last night at 7pm my grandmother called to say that my grandfather had been prepped and was going into surgery.  the surgery (without complications) should last 45 minutes, so i sat and waited.  i tried to make myself busy with a sewing project but every time the phone rang i nearly jumped out of my skin.  at about 9:30 i got a call from AJH asking if i had heard anything.  the whole family began to panic and i cautiously picked up the phone to call my grandma.  she cheerfully answered the phone and i felt my whole body lighten.

he was able to have the laparoscopic surgery to extract his gallbladder and his heart did not miss a beat!  (a little pun)

why she did not call, well i don’t know.  why my aunt did not call, i don’t even care all i care about is that my grandpa is alive and soon to be pain free!

i am so excited and thankful.

(gramps and grandma!)


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