with everything going on in my personal life right now life is a bit gloomy.  today while my mother way paying the verizon bill i got a large glimmer of sunshine.  Lisa, AJH and K$ are all on the same verizon plan.  we never really come close to meeting our minutes.  This moth we were 100 shy of going over.  immediately lisa started yelling.  first it was me, then ajh.  neither of us was over our 1/4 of the plan.

the culpret: K$.

for a while now i have been foreshadowing this.  K$ is always on his phone making secret calls in the front yard, the bathroom, and in his room with the door shut.  i have caught him multiple times making these secretive phone calls and have told thug and lisa that his phone is a ISSUE.  he has also placed his cellphone number on the internet multiple times and gets very odd phone calls from that.

back to the fun stuff.  after identifying that k$ made phone calls totaling in 1800 minutes (thank god many were free and did not count towards our minutes) we pulled the list of numbers he had called.  after importing all 941 numbers into excel we realized that K$s phone problem was much more severe than anyone had thought.  soon after, i using my sweet excel skills found out that he calls my fathers cell phone the most with 137 phone calls, lisa came in second with 26 calls to her cell phone but 86 to her office, 83 to AJH and only 46 to me.  we also found lost of other sweet stats about k$s  phone habits.  like that 831 of his phone calls lasted 2 minutes or less.  talk about volume calling!


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  1. Deb

    Well, after a similar accounting of our phone bill, we were “forced” to enter our ten friends and family… with each of us getting three names whom we called the most.
    Saved lots of minutes, I too apparently call one number in the high volume area… my sister 246 times in a month. She is now on the list!

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