so i am still down in sc with my grandfather.  my aunt flew in on sunday and is spending the whole weekend with my grandparents to help my gradma take care of grandpa after the surgery.  this morning we all got up and got ready for grandpa to go in and at the last minute the surgeon decided that the risk was to great.  we are hoping that tomorrow his blood is a bit thicker and he can proceed with the surgery.

now on to more fun things:

today is day 3 of sitting in a hospital room.  thank god they have wireless internet so i have been able to do school work.  between the constant moving about the small room, coming and going of nurses and my own stomach issues i have gotten about 1/5 of my work done.  i was really hoping that grandpa would come out of surgery this morning and be stable so lisa and i could head home.  unforchantly that did not happen.

while speding so much quality time with my family memebers i have learned a few things:

1. not everyone likes prostitution jokes
2. people on morphine are so funny (even if they are your grandpa)
3. i could never be a nurse
4. hospital food sucks
5. the internet is truly the greatest invention EVER
6. to much family time makes me up my intake of mood changing drugs
7. having high expectations of people ALWAYS leads to let downs
8. good friends are priceless in bad times
9. L.L.Bean boat totes are the best carry all
10. starbucks coffee can make the crappiest day better.

off to get a fro yo with raspberries and blackberries mixed in.  and maybe a starbucks!


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