thank you all for your prayers and thoughts about my grandfather.

lisa and i left va last night and drive to south carolina to spend the weekend with my grandpa and grandma in the hospital.  he is not able to have his surgery yet because his blood is too thin from all of his heart medications.  we were hopeful that he would he able to have his gallbladder out over the weekend while we are here so that my grandma could have company.

my poor grandfather is in constant pain and has been given 6 mg of pain killers in the 4 hours we have been here and is still in pain.  it is so awful to sit and watch him in so much pain.  he had about an hour of relief in which he was in good spirts and shared some very good stories.

it is heart wrenching to watch someone in so much pain.

on another note for all of you enjoying oxfords and oysters today have fun (mr. match was right to follow his instinct and not get us tickets)!  i am so jealous if the gift bag and swag and having been stalking @skyblueevents via twitter. i know that nothing could take the place of spending these hours with my grandfather.  please continue to pray for him and keep my grandmother and family in your prayers.


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