latley i have been feeling very sedentary.  everywhere i look people are growing up around me.  this is the first time in my life that i truly feel in a different place then all my peers.

these feelings always pop up around my birthday, however this year they are exacerbated by my current situation.  unlike years past i don’t have a plan.  come may when i graduate i have no plan.  is your anxiety rising, mine is at an all time high.  i am 25 and without a plan.  totally what i had in mind when i was 20.  NOT.

comparing my life to my peers, i find all my friends living out the life i thought i would have.  while they move in with significant others, get married, and get promotions in their jobs, I got to class and hang out with my mom and dad.  these feelings of inferiority are compounded by my recent cash flow issue (total liquid assets: $8 including $5 on my Starbucks card) and inability to treat myself to pick me ups at local retailers.

oh well wallow fest over.  i have to take K$ to some horrible awful thing that lisa and pat conveniently were to busy to take him to.

on the bight side: jersey shore is on tonight!



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2 responses to “.stuck.

  1. A$

    Cheer up Charlie! Life ain’t that bad. I haven’t had a plan for YEARS and it’s just worked out fine! Haha

  2. alex marie

    Head up Lady. I’m proud of you for going Back to School!

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