its sunday morning and raining.

thug and i are due to run 16 miles but i have a sore throat and do not want to harm it more by running in the rain, so we are waiting to see if this cold drizzle will let up.

in comes lisa.

she is getting k$ ready for CCD and tosses the lands’ end catalog at my father.  “i want you to get me this sweater at a discount”.  he has previously stated that he was just going to call up lands’ end and state that he would like a discount on said sweater.  obviously because of who he is they would just bow down and ship it to him over night for free.

(the sweater price: $59.50)

I sitting at the other end of the breakfast table doing school work about choked on my tazo  calm tea at this statement and rebuked both of my parents for being cheap.

lisa shot back “damn right i’m cheap.  if i was not you would not have such nice things.”  to which my father added that he already scoured the internet to find a coupon code for the sweater and will not have to call lands’ end and demand a free item.

apparently to the two people who gave me life there is not a problem with being cheap.  i myself am rather frugal but i would not go so far as to call me cheap.  as i have stated before my mother has a amazing ability to find a deal, clip coupons and save over half of her bill on a regular basis at the grocery store.  recently on a trip to khol’s to outfit k$ for a wedding she saved $250 of our bill.  total: $97.

she has also on multiple occasions worn down a check out worker so that she was able to use her coupon although it was not for a in store purchase, was expired, or was not valid on the items she purchased.  sometimes i see her point sometimes i am MORTIFIED by her behavior.

in college AMC and i would have competitions at the kroger to see who could save the largest percentage off the bill.  quite often i won only becuase i had a large unfair advantage.  every sunday my grandma (lisa’s monther) would get a paper and clip out the coupons she knew i could use and send them to me at school and later to my apt in chicago.  she now does the same for AJH.

i do admit that without my grandmother’s coupons and my sick need to buy only things that are on promotion with the store card i would not have been able to survive at school without working for 3 years or on my measly salary in chicago.

so on this rainy sunday i once again salute you lisa.  your sick compulsions have again infiltrated my life and against all odds turned me one step closer into being you.  i only hope that one day i do not throw a catalog at my husband and demand he find me a discount on a sweater, but then again most likely in 30 years my child maybe cringing at the same behavior!



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2 responses to “.cheap.is.a.compliment.

  1. ajh

    i like how she can buy herself new sweaters but refuses to may my medical bills? assholes

  2. lisa

    I did not throw the catalog at dad I put it on the table and made a bargain w him if I take kev to CCD he would get to stay home and order it for me and further more we are not cheap ! We are value focused

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