.2010 Oxfords & Oysters.

since celebrities write open letters all the time i figured i would write one…

dear mr. match,

please pay $250 (price of 2 vip tickets) so you can i can drive to baltimore and go to Oxfords & Oysters and get the amazing gift bag.  it is only a few hours away and i really want to go.  i am a very poor grad student and this is like the mecca of all things me.  if you take me i will be sooo happy and promise not to ask to meet your mom for 3 whole weeks.  WE will also get a free gift bag.  you KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE FREE GIFT BAGS!!!!

the even is also near the aquarium… LOVE aquariums!

it is next weekend and we do not have anything planned!  it will be so much fun.  i will even put in $5!  or maybe more… how about $10.


ms. happy

for all the rest of you check out this event!  while i am a lover of all things preppy i am also a lover of seafood and savings animals (except for animals that murder squirrels THIS means YOU foxes, coyotes, wild cats, hawks, owls, and snakes).  i have also developed a new love of the ocean and want to protect it.  THIS MEANS I AM AFTER YOU BP.

any of you going to oxfords & oysters?



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2 responses to “.2010 Oxfords & Oysters.

  1. Quinn {Sky Blue Events}

    We wish you could join us! Keeping our fingers crossed for you this week…..

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