the darkest age of my life time was the early nineties.  while i was only in grade school the lasting effects of the ‘grunge’ error will forever mar my life.  while thankfully i had a mother who dressed me in cute outfits (would insert pics if i had access they are in storage) the mere fact that i once aspired to have a belly button ring, be on the real world, and like nirvana haunts me daily.

thankfully, i was enrolled in a parochial school and quickly learned to love the head bands, tartan, and the saddle and suede buck shoes she shoved my fat feet into.  I will never forgive these fat feet for not being able to fit into the pink saddle shoes i longed for.

to this day i long for these shoes.  if i ever have a baby girl she will get these shoes if i have to find a cobbler to make them for me.

this all beings said i get to my point with the turn of the millennium came a resurgence of something close to my heart.

.Preppy Style.

i am not the only one reveling in the fact that this has become main stream but i do long for the days when it was not in your face.  having attended the mother ship of the preppy child, miami university, i was finally able to find others like me and meet individuals who made my love look like a summer fling.  now on the verge of the next decade we have a new hand book to lead all of us preps in our never ending search of classic and timeless apparel.

i know many of you have lost as there has been no guide for our lifestyle as the The Official Preppy Handbook went out of print over 15 years ago (why my 10 year-old-self did not request this i am unsure!) Lisa Birnbach has come to the rescue with a new book True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World.

here she is discussing it on the Today Show

Vodpod videos no longer available.
you can also read an interview with Lisa Birnbach that Preppy Princess had on the preppy princess blog


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