so yesterday i redeemed my second groupon.  this experience was SO MUCH BETTER than the first.  i tested out the salon last week and had my eyebrows waxed.  The aesthetician (small asian women with noticeable accent) was awesome and my eyebrows turned out great so i ventured back yesterday for my first ever professional bikini wax.

i have been using bliss poetic waxing on and off since the beginning of the summer (AMC tried it first then i just HAD to have it!)

i have stayed away from professional waxing as i have reservations about letting a stranger poke around in my lady parts but the group make me put my fears aside and sign up.  it only cost $5 as i had a $10 credit and the coupon was selling for $15.  plus my $5 tip it was only $10 STEAL.

i was very pleased with the service i received at letoile day spa and made sure to say so on the usual places i knock businesses for sub par services.  i told the aesthetician that it was my first professional wax and i was not sure about the procedure.  she told me what to do and was very knowledgeable and put me at ease even though i was quite vulnerable.

we are not best friends and i will be seeing her again in a few weeks.  this has also restored my faith in groupon.


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