it’s a funny thing, family.  they are the people closest to you but they also end up being the people you have to guard yourself around the most.

this past weekend as most of you know from my twitter feed i attended a family wedding in cincinnati ohio.  this was my first time back in cincinnati since the asshole my ex cheating became known to me and he disappeared from my life and i broke up.  i had not wanted to attend this wedding since it was announced in march (on their 100th day of dating) for a plethora of reasons most notably be this was supposed to be my wedding and not hers.

i digress.  the main issue that came up again and again over the weekend was how everyone in our family needed to walk on egg shells around each other.  i am a very vocal person and when  i have a problem i like to let people know.  this was unacceptable and my expectations of what should happen at a nuptial ceremony (a cherry popping in this case) were not met.

having been to quite a few weddings in my life time and being an avid follower of all things emily post i have to say that my lovely cousin must not be.  i will only refer to the fact that i did not receive an invitation and was not listed on my parents… this was the beginning of a long list of grievances.

while i have to admit that my manners were not as good as they should have been i accept full accountability and admit i should not have knocked the taco line or whispered to a younger cousin of the irony of the groom getting his first pink taco later.  that being said i did bite my lip when there was no vodka at the bar, then they ran out of the wine i was drinking.  my pot almost boiled over however, when over the mic the dj chastised all those with cupcakes (ONLY ME) and told the whole place to wait.  UM IT WAS A BUFFET AND THEY WERE AT THE END!  to me that means take one.  oops!

my list of oddities at this little soriee could continue indefinitely but i will end my complaints there.  as one must also remember if you cannot say anything nice, write about it in your blog!

(i also want to clarify that i have never been blessed enough to have a wedding and therefore am aware i do not know exactly all the stressers involved)

here are some photos from the event:

lisa and thug – SO INLOVE

all the cousins (with our new cousin-in-law)


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