i have to go to a wedding this weekend… in cincinnati.  i was last in cincinnati just about a year ago and to say it was a pleasant memory would be a LIE.

this wedding was not originally party of my anticipated wedding season but now it is the second to last wedding of the year.  with two already planned for next fall it looks like i will get the summer off! (barring any more pop-ups).

with hurricane earl threatening the coast it might be nice to head to the heart land.  i just hope earl can hold off till friday afternoon, or not come at all!!!

once we arrive in cinci i am hoping to see my little and go to the Hofbräuhaus and get my drink on with newly leagal little AJH.  i also think the wedding is dry (le sigh) so it will be my only does of alcohol all weekend.

i also have a lovely 18 miles to run this weekend so the cool mid-west air and the change of scenery will be much enjoyed!


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