have you ever been in a situation when you are not quite sure what the best thing to do is?

today i  got my hair cut.  the last time i got my hair cut i was living in chicago so at least 15 months ago.  i have only had two hair cuts i loved.  the first was my “ally mcbeal” in the 6th grade, the second was the rachel bob.  i would have held off longer with the hair but but after seeing how it photographed at ajh’s birthday party i knew i had to get it fixed before the wedding this weekend.

i approached todays hair cut with low expectations.  i went to a place that i found on the internet and had lots of good reviews but knew better than to get my hopes up.

what i wanted was simple.  keep the length (i need to be able to french braid it for the marathon) and get rid of yucky parts.  my stylist seemed to understand and we went to get my hair wash.  now maybe i have been spoiled but usually don’t you get a little head massage?  it’s my fav part of the hair cut!  i got nothing.  even when she shampooed my hair she barely massaged my scalp.  she also kept getting my hair all in my earrings (they were posts) during the shampoo and the cut!

As we went back to her station she started to comb out my hair.  OUUCH!  not only did she basically used the comb to rake my ears off my head, she also never once appoligized for pulling my hair or asked if i was comfortable. i was clearly wincing and at 1 one point almost jumped out of the chair.

I attempted to make small talk with her but that was fruitless so i sat.  at one point she caught me (well i was balently doing it so not really caught) watching other stylists and she turned me around so that i could not see anyone else in in the salon.  at the end when she turned me around it basically looked like i got out of the shower and blow dryed my own hair.  nothing. also with a middle part.  i told her very clearly that i part my hair over my right eye.

what really got me was when originally i was told it would be $40 and then she charged me $50.  I almost said something and then she said “oh and by the way i only take cash”.  thank god i had cash on me… who tells you this after the hair cut????  i handed her over $60 and then when i said i do not need changed she said ” oh here’s my card.  see you next time.”  i should have said yes… $20.  but that would have been rude.

there were 4 points at which i should have said something to her about my unhappiness about my experience but i bit my tongue not knowing exactly what to say and wanting to be polite.

i really like the salon just not my girl.  there were many other people getting cuts and all of them chatting away laughing.  my next cut will be giving my hair to locks of love.  hopefully i will have a better experience!


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