and it has to do with food.  any one surprised?


i have been eying these at the grocery for months and finally bought them.  i am now kicking myself that i did not do it sooner.  they look like this and run about 7 dollars.

from the website i found that you can purchase them from amazon.  this has made my life!

the oats take a bit longer to cook than regular quick oats but it is TOTALLY worth it!

from amazon i am going to try and purchase their version of the 5 min quick oat and see if they are as good at the 30 min stove top version.



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2 responses to “.i’ve.got.an.obsession.

  1. DLF

    try soaking them overnight.. a. easier on your digestive track and should cook up better!

  2. DLF

    try soaking your oats overnite, will cook up better and digest easier 🙂

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